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Balances Updating early

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I was playing poker on Party Poker and decided to play some slots in their casino (Party Casino).

I was playing at 40p stake on Dragons Fire and got a feature. After 5 spins in I was only on 4euros but as I had the poker balance showing on another window it shot up from $163 to $2002. The casino balance remained at 129 euros so I thought where has this come from. Low and behold in the feature I was awarded an extra 50 free spins so then I knew it was going to be a massive payout on the feature. 1/2 an hour later when the feature had finished it paid 1650euros which now matched the poker balance in dollars. It sort of took the fun element away a bit but was nice to watch and see it unfold. From then onwards every spin I had I knew if it was going to win. So basically every spin is predetermined and the bells and whistles are just for show. Could this apply to online poker so that it be rigged in some way. I know there are more variables in poker but the cards being dealt out could easily be fixed in this way. If somehow people had access to this information they would know all the cards coming out and play the hand accordingly make all the right decisions 100% of the time. It would certainly explain some very strange play. Anyway I digressed away from the slot story

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Following on from that story  something similar happened on a different site.
I was playing on bet365 games the Spinal Tap slot. I got all 7 bonus symbols in so went straight onto the main feature the world tour.
The game was lagging a bit so I closed the game before I even pressed start on the feature and rebooted my laptop.
I then opened another slot and my balance had updated from £55 to £145. The bonus was going to £90. So I went back and started the bonus feature. It was a picking feature so I knew every pick I was going to make including the last pick where the multiplyer is either 2x, 3x or 4x the total winnings. So my choices didn't even matter and the last was always going to be 2x no matter which one I chose. Has anybody else noticed this happening? When youtube and twitch streamers do a bonus hunt their balance is not updated.Is this a glitch or scam from the casinos? 

Whitelighter 2 months ago

"From then onwards every spin I had I knew if it was going to win. So basically every spin is predetermined and the bells and whistles are just for show."

That's exactly how it works. The spin is evaluated on the provider's server once you hit the "spin" button. It doesn't matter how fast you stop the reels etc. On the other hand, it's useful in cases where your game freezes during the bonus feature or free spins and you're forced to restart the device or the game. The game round finishes automatically and the balance is changed accordingly.

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Yep totally true in a way, but it's super treaky and you would have to be a rocket scientist and a professional hacker to still be stuck on the surface of the whole game..its really pure crazy luck to be able to hit the same jackpot twice... it's like the lottery you never now what happens.. and will you ever really figure it out 

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How u think u can see that info ? also do u think they are not aware of that?

In every slot they a re programmed and the random generator stop when u hit the button. 

U got result in 0.1sec... no matter how long spin is, or feature, or w/e


U can see some log in Javascript on console,before they rewrite balance but there is nothing u can do..

About youtubers , depends on game ...some casinos are late to update balance i experience that all the time.


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